Canon Rebel T1i Review: The Best of the Best

To date, Canon’s primary DSLR model with full high definition and an HDTV video mode of 720p is the Rebel T1i. This camera is likewise equipped with user-friendly scene modes, manual exposure control, the state-of-the-art image processor DIGIC 4, high resolution 3.0-inch LCD and a CMOS sensor of 15.1 megapixels. Unlike most cameras of its kind in the market, the T1i is efficient in both DSLR and HD video functions. It stands out among Canon’s other high-end models like the 50D in terms of specifications and affordability. This Canon Rebel T1i review will show photography enthusiasts why T1i fairs is a worth-it investment at $899.

The T1i may bear similarities in design as those models under the Rebel series, yet it boasts of better resolution and video recording capabilities. It is perfect for photographers of all levels of experience because it allows a more creative approach to the traditional point-and-shoot. Canon DSLRs are known to have fully automatic modes, but the T1i’s Creative Auto feature lets a photographer explore even without giving much attention to shutter speed and aperture. More precise shots will do with flash adjustment, a Background slider, Picture Style, image size and quality, drive mode and exposure control tools. The Peripheral Illumination Correction, a feature T1i shares with 50D, is perfect for vignettes and other ways of image correction while shooting using more than 20 kinds of lenses. As for videos, the T1i shoots between 20 and 30 fps of full HD videos and it can also be for capturing those of standard definition. Clear audio is made possible with the monaural microphone integrated in the T1i.

This Canon Rebel T1i review likewise highlights its impressive design—classic look, easy grip exterior, solid materials, more advanced buttons, dials for settings, modes and scenes, the AE lock for exposure, the AF button for focus points assignment, a display button for playback selection, plus basic buttons such as playback and delete. In terms of menus, settings can be viewed on LCD and changed ASAP most especially when manual mode is chosen. There are more shooting modes in addition to the basic Portrait, Landscape, Macro and Flash Off. Besides an LCD display giving 100% coverage, the live view is suited for difficult angles while the optical viewfinder is the adjust-while-you-look tool. Putting a 1080-mAh lithium-ion battery in it is a treat for long shoots of combined photos and videos with its strong power supply. The EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens included with the T1i is perfect for photographers on the go with its quick focus and lightweight composition, not to mention its ability to stabilize images.

All these positive factors justify the supreme rating in this Canon Rebel T1i review. Check out other digital slr camera reviews to get the best information about slr camera.