Digital Photography Lesson On Your DVD Player

You have finally bought the digital SLR camera that you have always wanted. You are excited to take pictures in your room, inside and outside your home, on special events or when you travel. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes a hobby. As the hobby turns into passion, you decide to make it a career while in school, when you graduate, or when you are out of the office. However, such expertise requires technical knowledge in addition to sheer creativity. A digital photography lesson, therefore, gives you the advantage among other photographer wannabes in terms of performance and career opportunities.

A typical digital photography lesson, whether self-study or as part of formal training, begins with the student’s familiarization with his digital camera—the parts, the buttons, the accessories. The next step would be a thorough understanding of necessary terminologies such as shutter speed, aperture, rule of thirds, darkroom, digital imaging, white balance, ISO and exposure. Afterwards, the student shall have an orientation on the many photography styles being used today such as fashion photography, child photography, pet photography, sports photography, travel photography and photojournalism just to name a few. This way, the student can tell how far his interest in photography can take him and how can put into practice whatever he has acquired from the photography lessons. Be wary though of the teaching methods and the duration of courses, because not all short courses guarantee a comprehensive training program.

There are lots of schools in and around town perhaps that offer their own version of a digital photography lesson. They can be conducted in an actual classroom, online, or as a DVD tutorial. Live classes, for some, entail rigid schedules and higher tuition fees and cost of living expenses. Online classes may be convenient but not for those who don’t have Internet at home. This leads us to the DVD tutorial, which is not only more affordable but it allows flexibility with time and learning pace. One of the leading DVD tutorial products on photography in the market is the Learn & Master Photography with Vince Wallace by Legacy Learning Systems.