Digital Photography Lessons Made Simpler and Cheaper

A picture speaks a thousand words, while digital photography is the new-age art. Putting these concepts together, digital photography is a new-age form of expression through pictures. Taking shots with a digital SLR camera becomes a breeze when you have enough skills and training to do so. It can be easy at first to take pictures, but to increase their aesthetic value happens to be another story because it takes more than focusing and clicking to make it happen. This kind of ability simply calls for enrollment in and completion of digital photography lessons for aspirants like you to become a pro in photography.

Below is an example of topics to be discussed in digital photography lessons ranging from the basics to the more complex principles courtesy of online photography source Geoff

•    Equipment – introduction to the camera and tripod
•    Basic Photography – photo selection, proper handling of cameras, avoiding camera shake
•    Composition—rule of thirds, cropping, viewpoint
•    Exposure—mechanics of exposure, shutter speed and aperture, exposure compensation, histograms, bracketing exposures, ISO Speed, reciprocity failure
•    Lighting—sunlight or available light, reflectors, flash, red eye removal, studio lighting, inverse square law
•    Color—color temperature, white balance, gray card
•    Working with different subjects—close-ups, extended depth of field, animals, buildings, fireworks, portraits, models, sports and action
•    Photo editing—size, contrast, levels, curves, color casts, processing RAW files, sharpening, quick mask, layer masks, straightening horizons, Photoshop layers, compositing, channel mixer, contrast and tones, high dynamic range (HDR)
•    What To Do With Your Photos—printing, microstock, making a photo website, backups and storage, recover deleted photos

Online references like Geoff as well as online tutorial classes give out that much information in one sitting what an actual photography school can provide in weeks, months or years. But these may not be helpful to prospective students who do not use the Internet that much and who have their hands full almost all the time.

Most consumers own a DVD player and a television at home than a home Internet connection, hence digital photography lessons on DVD are seen as an effective alternative. If you want to study digital photography without time pressure and big spending, check out Learn & Master Photography by Legacy Learning Systems in tandem with photographer Vince Wallace.