Easy Photoshop tutorials in a Photography DVD course

Want to learn Adobe Photoshop? It’s a favorite among photographers and others who are into creative jobs, being the software that can make new and better versions of raw photos. For starters, here’s a glimpse of typical easy Photoshop tutorials as posted in About.com:

Lesson 1: Navigating the Workspace – Menu bar, Status bar, Toolbox, Palettes
Lesson 2: Working with Documents – Navigator Palette & Hand Tool/New View & Duplicate/Image Size & Resolution/Image Size Dialog Box/Resizing Practice [V5.x] [V6.x]/Canvas Size/Crop Tool/Crop Tool Practice/Additional Crop Tool Practice [for v6.0 only]/History Palette Basics/Saving Images
Lesson 3: Image Modes & Color Selection – Color Primer/Color Picker/Color & Swatch Palettes/Custom Swatch Exercise/Eyedropper & Info Palette
Lesson 4: Selections and Masks – Marquee Selection Tools/Lasso & Wand Selection Tools/Selection Tool Practice/Select Menu Commands/Transforming Selections/Quick Mask Mode/More Quick Mask/Alpha Channels & Channel Palette and Mask/Selection Practice Exercises
Lesson 5: Layers and Blend Modes – Intro to Layers/The Layers Palette [V5.x] [V6.x]/ Important Layer Information/Move, Copy & Transform Layers/Advanced Layer Features
Lesson 6: Adding and Working with Type—Working With Type Introduction/ The Type Tool (v.5.x) and (v6.x)
Lesson 7: Painting Tools—Intro, Paint Bucket and Fill Command/Gradient, Pattern and Line Tools/Brushes and Fade Command/Pencil, Paintbrush and Airbrush Tools/Eraser Tools/Painting Exercises
Lesson 8: Retouching Tools—Retouching Tools Intro & Tips/Blur, Sharpen, Smudge/Dodge, Burn, Sponge/Clone Stamp, History Brush, Art History Brush/Retouching Exercises

Photoshop tutorials for beginners are offered in traditional schools. There are even online schools and correspondence schools that have graphic design courses in their curriculum. But for the artistic ones who are open to multitasking and learn more apart from Photoshop for a cheaper rate, there’s Learn & Master Photography with Vince Wallace DVD program. With this kind of self-study method, one becomes skilled in graphic design as well as photography at the same time without investing a big amount of cash and sticking to a fixed class schedule.