Free Photography Lessons Are Everywhere

Planning to take photography lessons? You can find them in almost every school offering art and media degrees, but making the right selection can be a bit crucial considering important factors such as price, level of convenience, a school’s reputation, quality of classes and course delivery. If distance is a problem in making it to the school of your choice, a popular alternative would be taking online courses. Whether it is a course designed by a brick-and-mortar or a virtual learning center, what matters would always be the kind of education it guarantees. For courses that are heavy on both technical and artistic aspects like photography, it is a must to learn from the real and recognized experts in the field.

Surprisingly though, the Internet has searchable websites, tools and software on free online photography lessons done the informal way. They may contain a lot of information, but not as complete as the traditional photography class. Here are the top 25 examples:

1. Photography Course
2. Geoff Lawrence
3. Best Photo Lessons Online
4. Samy’s Camera
5. Web Photo School
6. Imaging Resource
7. Hyper Gurl
8. Short Courses
9. Kodak Tips & Projects Center
10. Nikon Learn & Explore
11. Canon Learning Station
12. Photo
13. Microsoft Photography
14. Sony eSupport
15. HP Learning Center
16. Photoshop Help and Support
17. Adobe Photoshop CS4
18. Microsoft Picture It! Tips & Tutorials
19. Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo Tutorials
20. Paint Shop Pro User Resources
21. iPhoto
22. iPhoto Training
23. Organizing Your Photos With Windows Live Photo Gallery
24. Windows Photo Software Tutorials
25. Digital Photography Review

Whew! Lots of options, right? Yes they are for free, but these are just simplified classes and are not highly dependable for professional photography. It would be nicer to enroll in free photography lessons with a comprehensive training program under an experienced photographer and helpful exercises that encourage hands-on approach to learning. These describe Legacy Learning Systems’ Learn & Master Photography with Vince Wallace. Pay only $249 and enjoy photography classes in the comfort of your own home at any day and time you wish. In no time, you can transform into a professional shutterbug.