Learn Photography Online vs. Photography Tutorial on DVD

Since its inception in the early 80s, the Internet has changed the way the world works. Things became fast-paced and more advanced. Electronic mail or e-mail, online reference materials like dictionaries, encyclopedias and thesauruses, Internet phone, social networking sites, blogs, live streaming, e-books and file downloads are the products of how successful the Internet has become through the years. It has also prompted schools and universities to facilitate distance learning for international students and those who have tight daily schedules that hinder them to be physically present during actual classes. Internet has influenced the popularity of digital photography through websites where one can share photos and learn photography online.

If you are an amateur shutterbug and you want to move one notch higher or more in your field or, you are already decided on making money out of your passion for taking photography, choose the right school to be sure of the quality of photography course you will take. There are several art institutes and universities teaching basic photography lessons to advanced photography, but for students who are avoiding the extra costs of transportation and lodging and the longer study periods, they prefer to learn photography online. The best schools offering online photography are as follows:

•    The Art Institute Online (Pittsburgh, PA) – Bachelor’s Degree in Photography

•    International Academy of Design and Technology (Tampa, FL) – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media Production

•    Grand Canyon University (Phoenix, AZ) – BA in Digital Film Production

•    Full Sail University (Winter Park, FL) – Bachelor’s in Entertainment Business

•    DeVry University (Downers Grove, IL) – Bachelor’s of Business Administration – Technical Communications

•    Stratford Career Institute (Virginia, USA and New Delhi, India) – Digital Photography course

•    University of Massachusetts – Bachelor Arts in Journalism Studies

For students who does not have a stable Internet connection at home, better avail of a photography DVD program than learn photography online. The Learn & Master Photography with Vince Wallace is a DVD tutorial that shows the fundamentals of photography plus different demonstrations and exercises that will hone a student photographer’s skills for $249.