Nikon D40 Review – Great Tool for Beginner Photographers

According to the nikon d40 review, the Nikon D40 arrived just before vacation time and this was great news for ardent photographers. The company launched this with a view to making photography simple for its users. The interface is user friendly and the lens is 18-5mm.

As this is a digital SLR, users will experience a real optical viewfinder. This is very bright and this makes the experience even better. About ninety five percent of the captured image will be covered by the viewfinder. The camera settings are easily seen in green text while the user is taking photographs.

There is 230K pixels of resolution and this helps to review the images. The display is quite graphical and this makes the user experience simple enough even for those who are intimidated by technology. Users are able to choose from wallpaper , classic or graphical display styles. Users can choose the images as wallpaper  that is very much the same as the graphical mode. The graphical mode gives users all the information in a very simple fashion and the classic view gives users what they need.

This camera is designed for beginners and it therefore has one lens and is sold as a kit. The zoom lens is 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II AF-S DX. The minimum focus is 11 inches and the aperture range is f/3.5-f22.  This lens is ideal for users that are just starting out and as they improve they can then select more sophisticated lenses.

Single AF is suitable for images that are stationary while continuous AF is used to keep moving images in focus. When the shutter release is pressed, the auto focus process will begin. There is also an AF-C mode that is designed to keep the image focused all the time. There is also an option to alternate to manual mode so that users can focus manually.

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