Nikon D80 Review: A Camera Trusted by Photographers

Need a new or better digital SLR camera? Decision-making factors would often include the brand, specifications, features and of course, the price. Other things to consider would be the ability to be an all-occasion camera and how long it will last. You might be interested in the well-loved Nikon D80, and this Nikon D80 Review will tell you the camera’s top five features that will make upgrading a good move.

First up would be a variety of buttons to control the camera. No more lacking buttons for controlling output and no more all-in-one button manipulation. The buttons make this imaging device more exciting and easy to use while handled by hand or connected to a tripod.

Second, photographers know by heart that the flash should always work closely with the shutter for amazing shots. This is essential most especially in indoor photography. In this light, the Nikon D80 stands out in this aspect with a wireless flash control function.

Third, photographers traditionally do adjustments such as resizing and retouching using the computer, particularly with the Adobe Photoshop software. To reduce the length of working time, the Nikon D80 was built to be an image adjustment device with a lot of options. It lets one save photos as separate files in the camera’s memory card right after the adjustment process.

Fourth, unlike most DSLR cameras that will overwhelm users with their multiple menu displays, this camera’s menu configuration can be customized like hiding menu lists that aren’t a priority and can cause information overload.

And last but not the least, this ultra-portable camera  is a smaller model but it does not sacrifice space by creating it with multifunction buttons or buttons that are in very close distance with one another. Its size does not equate to lesser quality in form, function and output.

Well, this review does not stop right here.

Other photographers are amazed by this cool device because of its quick start up time, hassle-free design and built for outdoor photography engagements, durability, flexibility when it comes to shooting modes, and long battery life.

That’s five stars for this review. Check out other digital slr camera reviews to get the best information about slr camera.