Photo Editing Software Reviews: Helpful But Still Not Enough

Many of us consider photo editing software essential since digital photography has taken over film photography for a long time now and this software is a digital camera’s most reliable, multi-tasking partner-in-crime. Digital picture editing software transforms a raw photo into something more artistic and professional. Some types can be bought in CD format or as a downloadable file for installation on PC or laptop, while others can be acquired for free or used within a website. Software that are purchased in computer stores can cost a lot but they contain more value-added features and promote unlimited use unlike many free software that begin as a trial and require payment for continuation. That is why photo editing software reviews are the best to consult for price and feature comparisons.

To help consumers like you make the right choice, read on. A lot of photo editing software reviews consider the following products the best in their league:

•    Adobe Photoshop –most-used, for PCs and MACs, with powerful tools and lots of plug-ins, pricey, takes up a big chunk of RAM
•    Adobe Photoshop Elements –for nonprofessional home users, organized, with special effects, insightful, insufficient tools for pros, steep price for users who need simple tools
•    Google Picasa –photo organizing is its core strength , great for geotagging, performs facial recognition and web integration, not for collections of multiple photos , tools too simple for pros
•    GIMP – multi-tasking, great for PC & MAC operating systems, tools suited only for pros, rejects plug-ins
•    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – for busy people, capable with 140 RAW formats or more, can be slower than Photoshop C4

Prior to getting photo editing software, it is best for amateur and semi-pro photographers to increase their knowledge in their field by enrolling in a photography class to be clued-up on the basics. Photography is not just about posing, focusing and clicking. A cheap way to do so is through DVD tutorials like Learn & Master Photography with Vince Wallace, a known photographer from Nashville.