Photoshop Workshop and Photography Tutorial In One DVD

Adobe Photoshop is the most common graphic design software used by the artsy set, especially photographers. It is a type of software that is easy to manipulate and offers more choice of editing features. A photo undergoing a “Photoshop makeover” transforms into a cleaner and clearer version, meaning livelier colors and lesser blurs and imperfections. Photoshop makes shots more professional and stylish, as seen in advertising materials and print media.  It has tools that create magic for endless possibilities like turning brown eyes into blue, removing stray hair strands and facial lines, and joining people of different scenarios together as if they were shot in one place. Such tricks and other hidden secrets of this magnificent software can be learned through a Photoshop workshop.

Schools such as the University of Washington offer Photoshop workshop sessions apart from tutorials on Flash and Dreamweaver, more often than not following this outline:

Workshop 1 : Introduction to the Interface, What is a Photoshop File?, Color in Photoshop, Manipulating Images

Workshop 2 : Advanced Imaging – Dan Lamont, Creating New Images and Painting (optional), Creating Navigation Buttons, Creating Mouseover Buttons

Another option in Photoshop workshop enrolment is taking it as an online course. Distance education courses like this create convenience in terms of class time. However, the downside is the set limit on class participants, plus not all students interested in this kind of course have an easy-access broadband Internet connection. In this case, students can consider another self-study method: watching photoshop tutorials recorded on DVD. Whenever a student needs further clarification on a certain subject matter, he can do playback with no limits. Time constraints will not be an issue because like most online classes, it does not restrict the student to a structured class schedule. Moreover, there are no extra charges for miscellaneous items like books and other materials for DVD tutorials unlike regular or online schools. The one-time payment exercised in purchasing DVD tutorials makes it a convenient and practical choice. Familiarization with Photoshop is included in the photography course Learn & Master Photography with Vince Wallace DVD tutorials priced at $249. It does not only teach Photoshop’s features, it also helps the student become aware of what a camera can really do and the styles of photography that he may be involved in when given the chance.