Professional Photo Editing Software

Professional photographers not only depend on skills alone to get the job done fast and efficiently. Apart from the reliable digital SLR camera, there’s the professional photo editing software serving as an aid in producing shots that are clean, vivid and artistic. Working with the software equates to photos that are retouched, enhanced and/or restored, highlighting the best features of each shot and angle and taking away the flaws at the same time. Photographers add copyright to their work by using the same type of software to create digital watermarks, or embedded information on photos that remain permanent for easier identification.

There are professional photo editing software tools that are suited for both Windows and Macintosh users. It is a must that such tools must have not only the capability to edit and enhance images, but likewise an interface that is flexible, stable, and intuitive. You can choose from the top-of-the line software tools below as mentioned in

For both MAC & Windows:
1.    Adobe Photoshop – Never enter the graphic design industry without ample knowledge of this software. It is also what photographers typically use to “fix” their photos despite the steep price and learning curve, with the software’s impressive photo editing, digital imaging and graphic design capabilities.
2.    Corel Painter – It’s just like painting, but this time with a computer.

For Windows:
3.    Corel PaintShop Photo Pro – import, edit, share
4.    Serif PhotoPlus – faster editing, more effects and value-added photo repair tools
5.    Corel PHOTO-PAINT – with draw and paint features and excels in photo enhancement, recommended for Windows XP/Vista/7

6.    Synthetik Studio Artist – What makes it unique is its painting, drawing and auto-rotoscoping functions.

These and other essential tips are shared by top notch photographer Vince Wallace in his photography class on DVD entitled Learn & Master Photography. But before getting into details about digital picture editing software, a student must be familiar first with his camera, the many wonders it does and can still do, and with principles and elements that photographers bear in mind.