Professional Photography Course on DVD

It is fun and easy to shoot using a digital SLR camera right? A DSLR camera produces raw yet clear pictures that are photo album and scrapbook material. Unlike the old film camera that creates suspense and uncertainty when it comes to output, the DSLR camera lets everyone take a look and sort out photos before they are printed. It takes additional knowledge and skills, however, to take those scrapbook and photo album shots to a more professional level. Imagine those photos used in advertisements, magazines and catalogs—more special effects were added to them for a more eye-candy appeal. This is because a higher majority of photographers who were commissioned for these projects finished a professional course and passed with flying colors. Their time, effort and determination earned them the rewards they rightfully deserve in creating a digital photography course.

Here’s a sample of classes under a professional photography course offered by the New York Institute of Photography (NYI), which deal with both artistic and technical elements:

•    Unit 1 – camera parts, types and qualities of camera lenses, aperture, shutter speed, proper use of a camera, photography as a business
•    Unit 2 – capturing images, exposure, black-and-white film and digital processing, filters, photo composition
•    Unit 3 – natural and available light, lighting inside studios, travel, use of flash, proper printing, the darkroom
•    Unit 4 – studio portraits, basic portrait lighting, on location shoots, child photos, pet pictures, wedding shoots as a business
•    Unit 5 – photojournalism, sports, fashion, zone system for perfect exposure, macro, photomicroscopy, color printing, freelance photography
•    Unit 6 – advertising and still life, architectural, view and video cameras, glamour and nude (optional), putting up a studio

A professional course in the NYI or similar institutions can be considered as an all-in-one package, hence the expensive course rate. The same quality of education as that of NYI’s can be achieved through more affordable terms with a new way of higher learning: DVD tutorials. The bestselling Learn & Master series now has Learn & Master Photography by Vince Wallace, a tutorial program on DVD format that takes the student inside the world of the lens with less time constraints unlike formal classes (this setup fits busy people best). Vince Wallace, who happens to be a professional photographer from Nashville, TN, acts as course instructor.