Wedding Photography Course at Home

On a couple’s “big day”, memories are meant to be preserved to last a lifetime—the preparations, wearing that white dress, walking towards the altar, ending the affair with a kiss and so on. That’s where wedding photographers play a vital role because they use their cameras to capture scenes and details of the bride and groom’s every move and the participation of the entourage and guests. Wedding photography touches on subjects related to pre-, during, and post-nuptial activities in the form of announcement, invitation, thank you card, actual wedding and reception photos. The demand for this kind of skill influenced the popularity of a wedding photography course in colleges, universities, art institutes and photography schools.

The origin of wedding photography predates to the year 1840 when Queen Victoria and Pronce Albert tied the knot, an event that took place almost 20 years after Joseph Nicéphore Niépce invented the art of photography. Only the upper class hired the services of the first wedding photographers until some years after when middle class couples took advantage of such for pre- and post-wedding purposes. During the latter half of the 1860s, more and more engaged couples needed photographers during their weddings.

The wedding photography course and other digital photography course in the DVD program Learn & Master Photography are taught by Nashville-based photographer Vince Wallace as instructor, a digital photography expert. Hence, availing of this home-based program is a wise choice for aspiring photographers. Half of the course involves 13 lessons in this order: Your Digital SLR Camera, Camera Basics, Digital File Management, Color Management, All About the Lens, Framing and Composing Your Images, Elements of Art with Light Metering, More Elements of Art, White Balance, The Triad and ISO, The Principles of Design and Shutter Speed, The Principles of Design and Aperture and Full Manual Control.